SoCO CRAG and the Access Fund have teamed up by offering joint membership. Local and national climbing organization membership helps us keep climbing areas open, put threatened lands in climber friendly hands, and keep the cliffs clean. SoCO CRAG membership is as easy as clicking on the “donate” link at the bottom of this page or emailing us at

Benefits of SoCO CRAG membership include:

  • Discounts on the official SoCO CRAG t-shirt
  • Discounts on any forthcoming climbing guides
  • Exclusive area beta
  • Your funds go directly to the BMF/ Bolt Maintenance Fund and sponsor independent local route developers

Membership Levels

Bronze Member: Basic Membership – $20 (click to buy now)SoCoCRAG T-shirt

Silver Member: Membership & Official T-shirt – $40 (click to buy now)

Gold Member: Membership, Official T-shirt, Exclusive Local Guidebook – $60 (click to buy now)

Diamond Donor: All benefits of Gold Member – Tax deductible donation (above and beyond membership) and giver receives tax deduction letter from put 501(3) c

Platinum Donor: All benefits of Gold Member – Agrees to sponsor a project for a specific dollar amount and cause. Donor is featured on our website and social media platform and receives tax deduction letter from put 501(3) c

Route Sponsor: Purchases anchors, bolts, and top outs. We develop, they get first right to the first ascent and collaborates on route naming

Join SoCo Crag Today!