1st Adopt-a-Crag a Success!

As an event organizer you always wonder if people will show.  The Forest Service was blown away.  The USFS said that when groups say they will need tools for 15 volunteers only two usually show.  We had 18 climbers show!

I was psyched to see so many people show up, with climbers from SoCo CRAG, City Rock Climbing Center, Pueblo YMCA climbing wall, and Colorado College making an appearance.  The diversity was also tremendous: a father and his son, a nanny and her girl, college students, and a good mix of dedicated climbers.  The willingness and eagerness of the volunteers were outstanding.

After a brief introduction at the trailhead by myself and the Forest Service we were off to work.  We split into two groups and worked on brushing trail as well as cleaning and creating water bars.

After brushing and clearing the main trail, a crew of climbers spent a couple of hours on the overgrown slope beneath the Wild Side and some boulder problems, clearing scrub oak.  They moved some very large boulders and made a trail leading through the maze of rocks and ledges.  What a difference this will make for the safety of others and the comfort of belayers and spotters.

Another group of people helped to mitigate water drainage and erosion on the main trail leading to the crag.  I spent the first hour of the event checking in some of the late arrivals and getting them Clif Bars, Nalgene bottles, AF stickers, and chalk bags.  Just about everyone went home with something.  As I finally hiked up to the crag I couldn’t believe all the work that had been completed.

After the work was called off a few people stuck around to boulder while others sport climbed and replaced belay station anchors on KC and Bam Bam.  We accomplished quite a bit.  I’m sure that many will look forward to next year.

A huge thanks to all those that showed up, including the Forest Service (Lake Isabel Trail Crew) for supporting this event from the idea phase through the execution of the event.  We’ve committed to putting it on again next year.

Thanks to the Access Fund, US Forest Service, Chris G, Chris M, Jason, Ambree, Ashley, Byron, Josh, Dave, Jose, Jose Jr., Anthony, Jeremiah, Nathan, Edward, Hannah, Tyler, and Ben R.

Needless to say the Newlin Creek Adopt-a-Crag was a tremendous success.

Ben Bruestle


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