Wet Mountain Anchor Replacement

On September 21, 2011, in News, by SoCoCRAG


SoCo CRAG members James Lopez and Holly and Ben Bruestle have been replacing anchors with new ARI-donated gear around the Wet Mountains.

Here is our ongoing list:

(Route, Cliff)

Newlin Creek

True Grit, Creek Side, – belay station at top of second pitch

Bam Bam, Wild Side – anchor at top of first and second pitch

KC, Wild Side – anchor at top of first and second pitch

No Vengeance, Days End Wall-new top out anchor   May 2012

Unknown, Idlewilde – first four sets of top out anchors on right side of cliff


I Did It My Way, Titanic – top out anchor

The Beak, Raven Buttress-new anchors first & second pitches

Tuff Turf, Titanic – top out anchor

Sobriety Check, Titanic – top out anchor

Rapid Falls, Titanic – top out anchor

Torres de Fuegos, Titanic, Hardscrabble – top out anchor

River Lin, Titanic, Hardscrabble-top out anchor

Pot Hole, Titanic, Hardscrabble-top anchor

Ship’s Prowl, Titanic, Hardscrabble, top anchor

Afghanistanian War, Titanic, top anchor

St. Charles Canyon

Phantasm, Goliath Gorge – top out anchor

Fantasia, Goliath Gorge – top out anchor

Surf Colorado, Goliath Gorge – top out anchor

the rightmost route, Goliath Gorge – top out anchor




If you notice a sketchy anchor or one in need of replacement please let us know by email or phone.



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