To learn more about SoCO CRAG or if you notice a Wet Mountain anchor in need of replacement, email or call Ben Bruestle at (719) 924-4297.

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  1. james lopez says:

    I have been climbing in the wets now for 4years and have found very little info on the routes I have found. I have met nelson lundsford and was able to get the tanner dome pdf but have not been able to find any information on newlin creek. I do have a very used copy of the ripped wich has helped me find goliath gorge wich all the bridges have been washed out by the way, I am wondering about a crag I found at little Willis creek, any info on the two routes in goliath gorge and the ratings for newlin. I am a lover of the wets my family owned land in san isabel for 40 year, and my grandfather helped build hthe dam at san isabel so I am excited to climb in the area for it makes my days forfilled and happy. If you could send some info my way I would be greatful. Thank you. James lopez.

  2. Megan says:

    Hi All,

    Not sure where to post this, buuut, I’m going to be a transplant from San Francisco to Westcliffe, CO, starting in August, and wanted to know if there is a network of climbers in the area. I’ll be a bit removed, being in the valley, but was interested in connecting with some climbers. Any feedback would be awesome!

    Cheers, Megan

    • SoCoCRAG says:

      Hi Megan,

      Welcome to the Wet Mountains. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We would love to get connected and show you the area climbing. Send me your email and phone number and I can keep you posted on our outings and meetings. Ben Bruestle, SoCO CRAG 719.924.4297

    • Jason Wilson says:

      Welcome to Colorado! You’ll be residing in the Little Alps of the State, truly a spectacular area. We have great group of people and not so crowded areas in Southern Colorado. In regards to bad weather days or training time, Monday nights at 7pm at the Pueblo YMCA is a great night to come out and boulder with a strong group of climbers; there are also several gyms in Colorado Springs that we could get you in touch with. Southern Colorado has every type of rock available, See ya soon!
      Ciao for now,

  3. pat berndt says:

    Just FYI-tried to post in Facebook to let people know about the open climbing competition but when the thumbnail comes up, it posts with some poorly worded ad for payday loans…

  4. kyle allinger says:

    Is the Tanner dome area closed for nesting until August 1st ? Mountain Project says yes, while “The Ripper” does not mention seasonal closures. Thanks, kyle in Durango.

  5. Ben Bruestle says:

    Yes, Tanner Dome is unfortunately closed until August 1st. “The Ripper” was published before the yearly falcon nesting closures were put into effect.


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