SoCo CRAG (Southern Colorado Climber’s Resource & Action Group) is a 501 (c)(3) conservation group dedicated to preserving natural resources while maintaining public access for responsible climbing in the Wet Mountains and surrounding areas.

Our Goals

1. Preserving our region’s rock, cliff, and mountain environments (for example, protecting Little Owl Canyon from mining and limiting bolting at the Quiet Towers).  Supporting public and private agencies in efforts to protect (and, if possible, reestablish) native, rare, and endangered plant and animal species that depend on the rock, cliff, and mountain environments of southern Colorado.

2. Relationships with landowners to facilitate climbing on private property.  Advocating reasonable access to all publicly owned rocks, cliffs, and mountains in southern Colorado through communication and service projects.

3. Educating the local rock, ice, and mountain climbing communities to practice their sports in ways that minimize disturbance to the rocks, soils, plants, and animals of southern Colorado.  Promoting the use of safe climbing equipment and techniques to minimize the inherent dangers of these sports to climbers and others by providing an educational avenue for the community to develop technical climbing skills.

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